Return & Refund

Shipping, Return, and Refund policy

We have a clear and well-defined guideline in our shipping, return and refund policy. All customers purchasing medicines from our Hims Ed Pills are required to check out the same before placing any order.

Order confirmation

Our shipping policy begins with your order confirmation when you have placed your order successfully on our website.

You will get an email and message confirmation from our end giving the entire details of your order. At this point remember that your products are not shipped yet but they are being packaged for shipping.

Shipping confirmation

A separate email and message confirmation from our end will be sent to you when we ship your products. Shipping confirmation is a confirmation that your package has left our facility and is now within the transit process.

From here you can expect anywhere between 24 to 72 hours for the package to reach your doorstep but that is excluding any Sundays and holidays.

Also from here, you can track your package’s transit progress on our tracking page.

For tracking your package visit the shipping confirmation email that we have sent you and find the airway bill number there.

Then note down this number and come to our airway bill tracking number. Paste the number in the field and find out your package transit progress from here.

Shipping methods

We ship as per your given address. We can deliver to both your residential address, office address, or even to PO Box or APO address.

It is the sole duty of the customer to check and provide the address correctly at the time of placing the order. If your order addresses are incorrect do not need any saying that your product will be reshipped back due to the reason address not traceable or incorrect address provided.

While your package is in transit you can still change your address and information. you can change your address from our My Account page and getting the same on the account profile page.

Remember that once you have changed the address the same needs to be informed to us via email and through phone number or else your product will be reshipped back to our facility.

Customs charges

Any customs charges are to be borne by the customer. Also, we do not give you any guarantee on how long it will take for the customs department to release your package.

But you can still find the same on our tracking page as customs hold to know that your package has been withheld at the customs department.

Remember that you cannot claim against us as long as your package is withheld by the customs authorities.

Any charges to be paid will have to be borne by you. The customer is expected to visit the customs department with all the email communications with us earlier to claim their package.

Any negotiation is also to be done at the customer’s end.

Once it has been released at the customer’s department your package will continue on its usual journey for delivery at your doorstep. You can inform us in prior if you want to collect the package with the customs department after paying all the charges and negotiating if any at your own risk. The same will be accepted by Hims Ed Pills.

Time is taken for delivery

The usual time takes for delivery of your package once you get the shipping confirmation email from us is anywhere between one to three days for domestic addresses and 7 to 14 days for international addresses.

This usually excludes three things one is the delay due to any holidays, the delay in the customs department, and any other unexpected delays in deliveries such as lock downs, conflicts, political instability situation, and any other severe natural calamity.

In the case of any unexpected delays, you will find an email from us confirming the same from our end but we cannot confirm anything about the time of delay during this email confirmation. Any delay is to be borne with us.

Return and refund policy

You can cancel your order anytime while it is in transit. Even after receiving your package, you can cancel your order within a maximum time of 7 days including holidays.

Any refunds will be paid back online so you to give your account details to us.