Privacy Policy

We have a clear and well-defined Privacy Policy that is applicable for every customer buying medicines on Hims Ed Pills.

We ask you to go through the Privacy Policy to avoid any disputes later.

We are a legal entity engaged in the online sales of medicines. Our drug Privacy Policy is solely defined by the management of our company and in any of the points mentioned below we reserve the ultimate right to make any decision and our decision cannot be questioned or challenged in any court of law.

Information collected on Hims Ed Pills

We collect various information from you based on what is required for detailing the transaction or the purchase. You will be generally asked to provide your name, email, phone number so that we can get in touch with you and send you email confirmation and messages after you have placed your order.

The applicable rules of information sharing are based on the guidelines and regulations of the e-commerce industry.

Other non-mandatory information

Apart from the mandatory information that you have to share with us as given above, you can also provide more information to us such as answering our online surveys, sign up for special contests, and share your reviews and comments on Hims Ed Pills.

Sharing such information is entirely up to the preference of the user and they may wish to share it with us but this is not complimentary.

Cookie policy

Accepting our cookie policy mentioned on our portal can help you to provide and share information with us faster. You can accept our cookie policy if you want and this will be immensely helpful in sharing information on Hims Ed Pills each time you are placing an order if you are a regular customer on Hims Ed Pills.

Most of the internet browsers will accept the cookie policy framework on our portal.

In case you don’t like to accept our cookie policy, which is entirely up to you, you will have to keep sharing your information each time while making the order.

Also, if you are not able to make use of our cookies despite accepting our cookie policies try checking out your web browser settings.

You will have to ensure that the option for cookie use from unknown websites is turned on. this way you can make full use of our cookies to ease sharing your information online.

Email spam

To share information with our customers, we will share and communicate all the recent offers and arrivals on our online store using our email facility.

As a customer sometimes you might receive our emails in the spam folder so we ask you to check and find those. Also, ensure that you delist from the spam folder to enable further emails to be received in your inbox.

We are in no way involved in sharing and sending spam emails.

Any third sending and sharing unsolicited spam emails that are in any way related to us need to be informed to us. you can send us an email to our admin group to address this issue.

Sharing information- Minors

We do not recommend people less than 18 years of age share information online on Hims Ed Pills. When you come to our portal you will see a pop-up box that makes you comply that you are above 18 years of age and legal for doing online transactions.

This is solely based on the input given at your end and we will not be held liable in any way possible. As we sell adult medicines for ED and premature ejaculation our website is only accessible and for adults.

Providing email information for our newsletter

You may sign up with our weekly and monthly newsletter to gain more access to our daily news, corporate affairs and press release, and other company information.

It is solely the choice of the user to sign up and this is not a mandatory task for you to order medicines from Hims Ed Pills.

In some cases due to your e-mail’s privacy policy, you may receive the mail in your spam folder.

Payment options

For buying medicines from Hims Ed Pills you have to make an online payment. Check out our payment options and pay using your preferred means. No other modes of payment are accepted.