Cancellation Policy

To avoid any later disputes or Dissatisfaction with our services you need to check out our cancellation policy once. This can come in handy if you want to cancel your order at any time during the transit process.

We encourage all our customers to check out the cancellation policy once they have made an order. Remember that the cancellation policy rules apply exclusively to our portal.

Although we have kept customer’s interests you cannot overrule our cancellation policy norms at any stage.

Till when can a customer cancel their order?

The customer can cancel their package or order any time during their transit process. Even when you have received an order you still have time to cancel it but this time frame should not exceed more than 7 days including holidays.

How to place a cancellation order?

Placing a cancellation order is easy and you can place it using our website or even by calling us on our helpline number.

For placing an order through our website you have to visit Himsedpills and then visit my profile. Within this menu among the range of options, you will find my orders.

Click on my orders and then you will see the cancellation tab.

Click on this tab. As it is a password verified process a password will be sent to your mobile number.

Just confirm the password by typing the same and then clicking on the confirm cancellation to cancel your order.

Any order cancellation requests done from our helpline number will need some time to reflect on your orders page.

For what reasons can you place a cancellation order?

While canceling your order the customer has to give reasons for canceling their order. This cancellation reason can be anything among the specified reasons given below-

The customer is not satisfied with the services of our web portal

The customer had made the order unintentionally or wrongfully while surfing through our pages

The customer has made a wrong product order such as the wrong brand or wrong dosage

The customer does not need the product anymore

The customer has already got the product from other sources of sales channel

The customer has already found a superior or better quality of product

The customer has found a cheaper version of the same product and does not want to order it at a higher cost from our portal

The customer finds the time for delivery to be too long and cannot wait for so long

Cancellation confirmation

Once you place a cancellation order online or using our helpline number you will receive an email from our end that holds complete information about the orders that you canceled and some extra information.

You can take this as the final cancellation acknowledgment from our end.

How to cancel part orders?

Let’s say that you have ordered multiple medicines from our portal from our website and don’t need one of them.

So you want to cancel your order for this medicine only leaving behind the other ones.

The cancellation process is the same and can be done both in online mode through our website or the offline mode using our customer helpline number.

While canceling the order online through our website you got to click on the product details tab and then individually cancel the specific products or brands that you don’t need.

While placing the order through our customer service executive through our helpline number you have to inform of the specific brand or product name and it’s done.

The rest of the cancellation process is all the same.

Refunds and some of its rules

How is a refund made?

A refund will be made only by online transfer. No other forms of refund are accepted.

What parts of the paid amount are not refunded back?

Taxes, customs charges if any are not refunded back. Also, a separate charge will apply here and that is cancellation charges. All the heads of amounts that are not refunded back including the cancellation charges are self explainable on why they are not refunded back.

What is the time length for the refund?

You have to expect a minimum of 7 days for your refund amount to be processed and refunded back to your account. This time length also excludes holidays if any.